DCC & Shell Aviation are experts in fuel delivery, safety and quality. We are present in all key airports in Denmark but our footprint covers much more than this. We have expert knowledge of fuel operation in everything from large airports to general aviation sites and helicopters for hospitals or offshore operations. DCC & Shell Aviation is your perfect partner for fuel delivery, operational excellence and requirements from international standards. 

Focus on Safety

Safety is and will always be our first priority. Our tireless focus on operational safety, quality and excellence ensures smooth operations at the highest possible safety to the benefit of our employees, partners and customers. All procedures are carefully executed following our QSSHE manual including the latest international standards.

Global locals

DCC & Shell Aviation can supply fuel to any business, whatever the location. Our nationwide distribution is able to serve you high quality products at competitive prices on time. We are never more than a phone call away. You can find Our contact details on the bottom of this page.